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        Zhejiang Baron Bearing Co., Ltd., located in the central region of Hangjiaohu plain in the Yangtze River Delta, close to Shanghai and the northern line of Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge, enjoys superior geographical conditions and convenient transportation.

        Zhejiang Baron Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for the R&D, design and manufacturing of precise thin-wall bearings, stainless steel thin wall bearings and miniature flange bearings. Our products are widely used in electronic products, financial equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment and so on. With advanced automatic bearing production lines, a high-quality technical development team and skilled staff, our company builds BARON this brand diligently and provides customized bearings and services to all of you.

        With the development concept of “integrity and win-win”, Zhejiang Baron Bearing Co., Ltd.. is sincerely willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign clients to develop and create a better future together.

        ? Zhejiang Baron Bearing Co., Ltd     |     Zhe ICP No.2021026263